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New Year New You

Why is it that the majority of people only consider a change at the start of a New Year? New year resolutions very rarely withstand more than a couple of month at most and often just a few days. Why is it so so hard to maintain? We at Sansum Black Belt Aberdeen believe that you can make a positive change at any time, not just at the New Year. It may even take a few attempts to make it stick, but at least your not giving up at the first sign of difficulty.

Making lasting change is hard work, more so in part to the psychological aspects. Our Instructors are trained in the latest coaching techniques and will share a couple of tips to not just making the decision for change, but also to take action.

Head Instructor and Transformational Coach Colin Cass, shares with us a simple technique for quick change in our lives. Think carefully about the following questions;

If I carry on doing what I’m doing with no change to my current situation, how will my life look and feel one year from now?

If I make one small change to my current situation, how will my life look and feel like one year from now?

What will that change be?

What will it mean to me if I stick to that change?

what will it mean to me if I don’t stick to that change?

Now close your eyes and imagine the results, feel and even hear all the changes. What happened? Can you see yourself doing it?

By asking ourselves direct questions we become accountable for our actions and decisions thereafter. When you make that conscious decision to instal that change, write it down and tell everyone you know about it. The more people you tell, you are 70% more likely to follow through. Visualisation is a strong technique for constructing change in our lives, so give it a go, see what happens. You never know that small change might be the game-changer that unlocks everything.

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