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Do we feel safe in our own communities?

Many questions I get asked when people are looking for martial arts classes are focused on whether or not we provide self-defence in our classes. I would imagine at some stage most martial arts classes would, including ourselves. I recently asked a group of people whether or not they have been in the position within the last year (2019) where they felt threatened. Not had they physically been, but more had they had the feeling. The majority answered Yes and this allowed me to think of the factors that may contribute to this overall fear shared by so many. I’ve asked myself many questions surrounding this subject and feel it requires some more research before sharing my findings.

Our school promotes self-protection rather than self-defence. Although we teach specific moves that work in a real-life situation, we prefer to teach not being in the situation in the first place and find this to be more productive when tackling the fear aspect. People become more aware of what’s around them and find this beneficial to keeping them safe. How does keeping safe prioritise in your life?

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